About us

Whether it's the elegance of your plate presentation, the quality of the finest ingredients or the highest level of service, the Dang family takes great pride on their reputation for excellence. Such excellence doesn't come easily, but they have successfully parlayed their passion and dedication to fine cuisine into three of Orange County's most popular Vietnamese restaurants: Brodard Chateau, Brodard and Bamboo Bistro.

The family's newest addition, Brodard Chateau opened in July 2006. The two-story restaurant was created by the family's elegant matriarch, Diane Dang, known by her friends and frequent guests as "Madame Brodard," referring to the namesake of her famous restaurants. Her daughters, Chau Dang-Haller and Lisa Dang-Vo lend their culinary creativity while maintaining a sense of tradition, authenticity and integrity of ingredients with specialty dishes from three regions of Vietnam: Ha Noi, Hue and Saigon. Brodard Chateau also offers a seasonal menu that features a variety of fresh vegetables, fruits and meats in keeping with the harmonious balance of healthy yet flavorful dishes to entice the most discriminating diners.

The Dang family warmly invites you to visit our restaurants and experience the finest Vietnamese cuisine from our cherished family recipes.